Welcome to Okinawa-Karate-Moerfelden

We are a small karate dojo (道場) in Moerfelden, which was founded in 2018. We train karate (空手) in its original form.

Basically today’s karate can be divided into Okinawan and Japanese styles. Historically, the Japanese styles are descended from the Okinawan styles and thus represent a modernized form of karate, which has its origin in Okinawa.

Mainly the Japanese styles are focused on competitions, meaning on the „competitive-sport aspect“, though there are exceptions. On the other hand the Okinawan styles are focused on the martial-arts, meaning on the „effective self-defense aspect“, the original objective of karate.

At our dojo we teach Okinawan karate. The corresponding style is called Shorin Ryu Matsumura Kenpo (少林流松村拳法) or short Matsumura Kenpo (松村拳法).

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