The structure of our world association the “All Okinawa Shorin Ryu Matsumura Kenpo Karate and Kobudo Association” (沖縄 少林流 松村拳法 空手 古武道 総本部) is relatively compact and flat. The honbu-dojo (本部道場) called “Kobukan” (興武館) is located on Okinawa in the city of Urazoe (浦添市). Grandmaster Tomosada Kuda is the head of this dojo and also the president of the world association.

Other dojos are spread across Germany as well as the USA. These regions are managed by several directors. In the Europe region, Karl-Heinz Johna and Thomas Leonhard act as European association directors.

Thomas Leonhard 7. Dan, Kyoshi, Shihan, head of the Dojo-Bischofsheim and its main instructor
Karl-Heinz Johna 7. Dan, Kyoshi, Shihan, head of the Dojo-Landstuhl and its main instructor

The advantage of this simple association structure is, that grandmaster Tomosada Kuda can regularly and personally teach his direct and indirect students at seminars, thus ensuring continuous further training.

There are currently four dojos in the Europe region, all of which are in Germany:

The karate club Landstuhl e.V. under the direction of Karl-Heinz Johna (founded in the 1970s by Peter Koenig and Werner Klein), the karate club Bischofsheim (founded in 1998 by Thomas Leonhard) and the Dojo Kaiserslautern (founded in 2009 by Marwin Hamadeh, a student from the Landstuhl karate club). Most recently, the dojo in Moerfelden was founded in 2018 by Alexandros Kallidis, a student of Thomas Leonhards from Bischofsheim.

Matsumura Kenpo Dojos in Germany:
Landstuhl, Kaiserslautern, Bischofsheim, Moerfelden
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