Information regarding the training shedule can be found on the official SKV-Moerfelden website.

Training Equipment

If you have just joined us, then there is no special equipment required for the training. If you have decided to continue the training, then you should at least own a karate-gi (空手着).

Since we also teach kobudo katas (katas with weapons, 古武道型), you will gradually need the weapon for your corresponding graduation.

Weapons: Bo, Nitanbo, Tonfa, Sai, Kama

The partner-exercises of self-defense techniques also increases with higher graduation. The minimum equipment includes pads and gloves (MMA / Kumite or boxing gloves). Depending on individual needs, additional protective equipment such as head, chest or shin protection can be purchased. On the one hand, this reduces the risk of injury, but also increases training efficiency.

Protective Equipment:
head-protection, MMA- / Kumite-, boxing gloves), pads, chest-, knee-, shin-protection, cup

We maintain a cooperation with the “Fitness Shop Mainz“. In addition to karate-gis, you can also buy pads and other equipment. You will receive a 10% discount on presentation of your association ID card.


Our training consists of the generally known components of karate:

Basic-Techniques, Kata und Partner-Exercises

The basic attack and defense techniques are performed with high repetitions and a focus on correct execution to build muscle memory.

The katas handed down in our style and their application (分解) are practiced together.

Due to the strong focus on effective self-defense, our partner exercises differ greatly from the kumite of modern karate.

There is a subdivision into defensive-techniques (individual or combination techniques against standard attacks), fighting-techniques (offensive individual or combination techniques) and self-defense (self-defense-drills in close to reality situations). The self-defense-drills, on the other hand, can take place while standing or on the ground.

The fitness is also not neglected in the training. In addition to the already demanding technical exercises with a high number of repetitions, these are also practiced with the partner and pads. In addition, there is always a warm-up with fitness components and stretching, and not infrequently a cool-down with fitness exercises.

In general, repetitions in training are counted in Japanese. In addition to that, we begin and end our training with a bow as follows:

at the beginning of the training bow while sitting (正座), saying the words: onegaishimasu (お願いします)
at the end of the training bow while sitting, saying the words: dōmo arigatō gozaimashita (どうもありがとうございました)

Below you will find the numbers 1 – 10 with characters (kanji), syllabary (hiragana), phonetics and translation.

し / よんshi / yon4
しち / ななshichi / nana7
く/ きゅうku / kyuu9
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