Alexandros Kallidis (Main Instructor)

Alexandros Kallidis is the founder and main instructor of the Dojo Moerfelden. He has been actively practicing karate since 2003 and is currently a 4th Dan holder. He started his training in the Dojo Bischofsheim as a student of Thomas Leonhard. Before founding the Dojo Moerfelden, he also gained years of experience as an instructor in Bischofsheim.

In addition to give lessons in the Dojo Moerfelden, he is also giving HIT-courses in the SKV Gym and is holding a trainer C license from the Hessen State Sports Association.

Alexandros Kallidis
4th Dan Matsumura Kenpo
Over 20 years of karate experience
main instructor and head of the Dojo-Moerfelden
Trainer C-License

Maren Schilb (Instructor Children Class)

Maren Schilb
6th Kyu Matsumura Kenpo
3rd Kyu Shotokan Karate (DJKB)
instructor of children class
over 10 years of karate experience
Trainer C-License
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