SKV-Report November 2023:
First tournament mastered successfully

SKV-Report November 2023:
Self-Defense for everyone over 16

SKV-Report May 2024:
„Great sport with great people“

Newspaper article SV-Seminar June 2022:
Well prepared in an emergency-situation

SKV-Report November 2022:
Karate Grandmaster visits the SKV Moerfelden

SKV-Report May 2023: Stop!!!

SKV-Report May 2022: Special-Weekend „self-defense“

SKV-Report May 2021: Looking ahead

SKV-Report November 2021: With self-confidence through the dark season

SKV-Report November 2020: Fitness, concentration and self-defense

SKV-Report November 2019: New Department in the SKV

SKV-Report May 2020: Where there’s a will

SKV-Report May 2018: New at the SKV: Karate

SKV-Report May 2019: One year Karate at SKV Moerfelden

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